Great Free Bridge Lessons for Newcomers and Intermediate Players... by Al Levy

Are you a Newcomer or Intermediate player wanting to improve your game?

You'll enjoy the game more if you learn to play it better.

Some of the best lessons by the best teachers are free on the Internet

If you have never played bridge, this will give you an orientation in 4 minutes...If you play bridge, this will give you 4 minutes of enjoyment...The Game of Bridge by Max Chauvet on YouTube

  Download directly from BBO ACBL/BBO software... for FREE...great software to learn bridge

  Beginners: Learn bridge basics 
  Intermediates: Beyond the basics 

    Learn to Play Bridge software ... the cloud...for FREE
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GREAT Free Online Bridge Education

 Larry Cohen Every Level

  The ACBL's Intermediate/Newcomer Section

  Fifth Chair Bridge Lessons  Beginners

 Richard Pavlicek  Beginners and Advanced players

  Howard Schutzman Beginners and Intermediate players


The Bridge World Beginners and Intermediate players

  For more Online FREE Lessons, and so much more....go to
explore the world of bridge on the Internet #Online Lessons 

    Recommended (by Bob Simkins) Basic Bridge Books for Beginners...go to Amazon

  Recommended (by Kitty Cooper) Bridge Books for Intermediate players...go to Amazon

   Digital Reading List for Beginners and Intermediate players...go to Master Point Press




  Bridge Forum International is a school for players at all levels

   After you've learned the game...improve your game by further reading! Check out
  Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

  Find a bridge teacher or class in your hometown in this listing from the
American Contract Bridge League  Bridge Teachers



 Links of Interest ... view the BIG bridge picture

  The Best Bridge Links "explore the world of bridge on the Internet"

  Practice with bridge-playing software...see therobot web sites at the offical ACBL/WBF
World Computer-Bridge Championship

  Try Bridge Now or all day long in a Wbridge5 robot game and compare to 100s others.



Bridge is the world's greatest card game, played by over 50 million people worldwide. Nearly a million play duplicate bridge at their local bridge clubs.  Hundreds of thousands play serious tournament bridge, run by local, national, and international organizations. Today, hundreds of thousands play bridge online... available 24 hours a day...with partners and opponents from around the world.

Bridge has elements of logic, discipline, mathematics and ethics.  It offers a lifetime of enjoyment, competition and socializing with interesting people.  Many famous and prominent people have been caught up in the game.  Two of the richest men in the world are ACBL members, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

"Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised."
- Somerset Maugham

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last updated April 14, 2016