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World Computer-Bridge Championship, VII

defeats Bridge Baron in final


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and great bridge-software giveaway...

2003 World Computer-Bridge Championship, VII
June 22-27, 2003
held at the
1st European Open Championships Menton - Cote d'Azur - France
June 14-28, 2003

The great bridge-software giveaway...
sponsored by the ACBL's Educational Foundation
with the cooperation of this year's contestants*

in recognition that bridge is a wonderful game for young people,
helping them to develop logical and analytical mental skills, discipline, ethics and cooperation,
that will help them do better in school and in life,
the ACBL will give away many of the best bridge-playing software programs*
as well as the acclaimed Bridge Master 2000, to 150 young players from around the world.

To be eligible you must be under 26 years old and belong to a recognized bridge organization.
150 qualified entrants will of the following software programs

Blue Chip Bridge, Version 3
Bridge Baron 13
JACK 2.01
Micro Bridge 10
Oxford Bridge 6.0
Q-Plus Bridge 7.1
Bridge Master 2000

Just email with the following information:

mailing address
birth date
bridge organization/membership number
software first choice
second choice
third choice

150 software programs will be given away (retail value for each ranges from $50-$100)

To better guarantee your first choice, enter before June 21 and pick the order of finish
of the top four programs in the round-robin segment.

9 Entrants for the 2003 World Computer Bridge Championships
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