World Computer-Bridge Championship XIV

October 10-15, 2010

at the 2010 World Bridge Series, Philadelphia, PA

2010 World Computer-Bridge Championship in action

A view of the World Computer-Bridge Championships playing room


Complete results


An introduction to championship

Some good hands

Round Robin session 1 - A fight to the end. First bid boldly and induce a balance, then defend carefully to cut your losses

Round Robin 3 - At one table bold bidding reveals a safe opening lead for 14 IMPs; in another match a strange looking play at trick one is right...but to no avail

Round Robin 7 - Bots battle bit-by-bit

First quarter of Final KO - An easy squeeze when an opponent's bidding reveals the location of a queen

Third quarter of Final KO - Aggressive bidding by WBridge5 pays off at both tables

Fourth quarter of Final KO - Jack picks up 76 IMPs on last 12 boards

International Computer Games Association Journal

2010 Final KO