World Computer-Bridge Championship XV

October 23-28, 2011

at the 40th World Team Championships, Velhoven, The Netherlands

2011 Entries and Results


An introduction to championship

Write-ups and some good hands to be published


14th World Computer-Bridge Championship (October 10-15, 2010)
at the 2010 World Bridge Series, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jack takes home the gold medal, defeating WBridge5 in final KO 150-120

Jack takes home the gold at the 2010 World Computer-Bridge Championship

Coordinator of the event, Al Levy, center, congratulates Hans Kuijf, developer of Jack, the winning robot.  WBF President Josť Damiani is at right.  Also shown are Jack's team members, from left to right, Martin Pattenier and Wim Heemskerk.

2010 Entries & Results