Al Levy's World of Bridge

Current positions
 ACBL District 24: Member; Treasurer; Secretary.
 ACBL: Board of Directors (1996 - ); 401k Trustee; online bridge chair.
 WBF: Executive Council (2004 - ); Executive VP; IT chair.
 World Computer-Bridge Championship: Originator/Coordinator (1997 - ).
 Laws: ACBL Laws Commission; WBF Laws Committee; Laws of Rubber Bridge 2014. editor.

  Al Levy's bio as it appears on the WBF website.


Alvin Levy

Al Levy is a retired ‘rocket’ scientist and an ACBL Diamond Life Master.  Playing bridge since his college days, his first exciting win was as Advanced Senior Masters at the 1967 Montreal NABC.  Al has won many Regional events and had some high finishes in national championships, but he spends most of his time as a bridge administrator and promoter.

Al’s New York City education included Brooklyn Technical High School, a BS from Cooper Union and a MS and PhD from Columbia University.  His career was predominately as a research scientist specializing in structural mechanics and material science.  Al worked for Northrop Grumman on Long Island for 33 years.  During that time he also taught, lectured and consulted, and has nearly 100 refereed publications, two patents and spent a year as a visiting NASA scholar and two months as a visiting professor at Cambridge University, England.

Al is married to Beverly and they have one son, David who lives with his own son, Tyson in Cincinnati.  Married in 1962 after college graduation, Al & Beverly spent that summer working at an aerospace company in Southern California.  That’s where Beverly learned to play bridge.  Two of Al’s college buddies, also working for the summer at the same company, would barge in almost every evening to play bridge.  They needed a fourth and Beverly was recruited.

As a bridge administrator Al was elected to the ACBL board of directors in 1995 and has served continuously ever since.  Al was ACBL president in 2003.  He was elected to the WBF Executive Council that year and has served ever since, serving now as Executive Vice-President and Technology Committee chair.  As technology chair Al led the project to redo the WBF website in 2012 and thanks to the efforts of many the website is modern and continuously improving.  Al was the originator of the World Computer-Bridge Championship and has organized and ran it annually since 1996, always at a major ‘human’ championship.  He also serves on the ACBL Laws Commission as well as the WBF Laws Committee.

Taking over for the late Joan Gerard, Al became the chair of the organizing committee and onsite coordinator of the 2013 World Youth Open Bridge Championships held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Al’s interests also go to investing and he serves as a trustee of the ACBL’s employee tax shelter plan, as well as current chair of Audit.

With an eye toward promoting bridge, Al has published a page of bridge links, titled "explore the world of bridge on the Internet" that is referenced on many websites and an International version appears on the WBF website.

When not checking email or traveling to bridge meetings, Al and Bev enjoy playing bridge and golf.  They ‘avoid’ winter weather by living on golf courses on Long Island, NY and Lake Worth, Florida.


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